Indian Eagle: The Women Travelers of India

Indian Eagle featured Shona – The Musafirs Crew on the occassion of Women’s Day. It talks about the numerous motorcycle expeditions she has led over the years.

The Women Travelers of India

This International Women’s Day, Indian Eagle brings you the stories of ambitious, independent, working women travelers from India. These urban women travelers of India not only travel but also blog about their experiences. Some are backpackers; some are solo travelers; some are road trippers; some are bikers. Though they define themselves differently, what they have in common is the purpose, that is breathe freely, taste the spirit of freedom, discover new places, meet new faces, experience new cultures, break loose from monotony, and explore the bounties of nature. On the occasion of Women’s Day, Indian Eagle shares with you how these women of today from different walks of life have carved a niche as independent travelers in India.

Sharmishta Chakravorty

Sharmishta Chakravorty is a biker for bikers. A Senior Manager with a corporate house during the week and Director of Musafirs Motorcycle Tours Pvt Ltd over the weekend, Sharmishta loves to explore the unexplored riding bikes. Inspired by a bike ride in 2010, she formed a biking club “The Musafirs” and reached out to likeminded biking enthusiasts. Biking enlivened her existence which had almost become stagnant due to a routine life.

When I am riding, I am with myself; I can dig deep within. It is a state of meditation. It provides a sense of HIGH!

Sharmishta has led a gang of motorcyclists for over 50 biking expeditions in Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Gujarat. She along with her gang has motorcycled all the way to Himachal Pradesh, and Jammu & Kashmir. Ladakh and Spiti Valley are her targets in June this year. Her road trips in India are interspersed with pleasant experiences and memories. She reminisces, “During a ride to a small town about 350 km from Mumbai, we woke up a mechanic at midnight to fix one of the bikes. He not only fixed the bike but also offered us smoking hot tea and some food.”

Sharmishta connects with different places, different people and different cultures through biking. It bridges the gap between her inner world and the outer world. She is all set to explore Northeast India, Bhutan and Thailand on bikes this year.

About Indian Eagle

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