July 2015 – Back to the Playground

And then Life comes to a full circle.

Back in July 2013, something unusual happened… I met the then Mumbai Musafirs… And life was never the same again.

My first ride was to Mulshi, Though it was memorable experience, I still remember how mediocre as a rider I was, I had tough time negotiating tamhani ghat and coming to peace with the bad roads. The way I was riding, most of my friends thought that it will be first and the last ride for this “UNCLE”, but it was a “Lahu muh lag gaya” moment for me. I did 14 consecutive rides after that one. I was patched at Daang Ride – Oct 13, Pouched at Mokhada – Feb14, Leh’d in June ‘14 and honored with the orange bib in Joida Jan ‘15. Most important from Uncle I had become everyones “BHAU”.

Ride #59
Location: Mulshi
Distance: 359 KMs
Month: July 2015
Route: Mumbai – Vadkhal – Tamini Ghat – Mulshi – Hingewadi – Mumbai
Experience Narrated By : Mangesh Gogate

In the process… I am not sure how much i evolved as a rider, but definitely i evolved as a human. In these most beautiful two years of my lifei have become much much richer in terms of true friends…

As I said Life comes to a full circle… Here I am back to mulshi ride… 2015 Now I am leading a group of 50-55 Musafir friends on the same route where i struggled to ride 2 years back. And while riding in thundering rains and full fog in the tamhini ghat… A flasback was running in my mind… Countless memories of exciting moments :

I remember 5 minute ride as a pillionwith dumpy.. .the most horrific 5 mins in my life.

I remember each and every moment of my ladakh ride, turtuk, khardungla, nubra, blindly crossing the nallas at barlach la in dark.

Apart from the rides the musafirs have been with me for several meet ups between rides, for shadis of different musafirs, for number of last minute planned burji meets.

Many such good moments, some bad and a very few ugly moments were rolling in my mind. In each and every moment my Musafir family was with me making my life more worthwhile.

Now… My eyes were moist then… Not just by the Rains

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