August 2015 – Fog, Cold and Misal Pav

Sitting on the breakfast table of my new offiice in a new city on a mundane day a colleague (god bless him) of mine told me about Musafirs and little did I know that this was a beautiful start of a string of wonderful weekends. I read about them and got to know they were amongst the top hobby clubs in India, and one of the best biking club / group in mumbai and pune.

Ride #60
Distance: 480 KMs
Month: Aug 2015
Route: Mumbai – Vadkhal – Poladpur – Panchgani – Pune – Mumbai
Experience Narrated By : Jasmeet Kaur Gurudatta

I wanted to try it so bad that it did not bother me in the least that none of my current friends were free that weekend. Sometimes I think I was kind of glad to experience this alone for the first time. I was all set for an amazing trip to Panchgani and so it was. Sitting as a shepherd’s pillion, experiencing the bliss of the drizzle that was in the air that day, and watching the bikes making a breathtaking formation from the tail end I realized that I would never mind spending my weekends like this. Months later I still stand by my decision and I know I will stand by it forever.

And this is not the first time I have been in a position where I had to mingle with stranger. But it certainly was the easiest. Sitting as a pillion with a stranger for hours you can’t escape getting to know each other and singing along. By the time we reached Panchgani I already had a friend (my rider) and three-four mutual friends (my rider’s friends 😉 ) and I was no more a stranger to the group and the ice was already broken. When I reached Panchgani, my mind was intoxicated by the lush green meadows on the way, my back was still due to the long ride, and I myself was hooked.

We reached our destination around 3, had our meals and retired for an hour long siesta to gather again in the evening for drinks. First timers were supposed to introduce themselves and they did that amidst a lot of joke cracking, friendly ragging attempts and some serious leg pulling. I rode with 50 strangers to Panchgani and next day I was going to ride back with atleast 20 friends. The beauty of being a Musafir with other musafirs.

The ride back was equally beautiful but I knew the hangover of the trip will last a couple of days, and I also knew that as soon I will be out of this hangover it would be again time for the next ride. I vowed to get my Musafirs T-shirt (an honor which you receive after four consecutive rides and you are officially ‘Patched’).
Today I am officially Patched 😀 and I can happily write couple of more stories on my experience of getting patched 😉

Lucky are those who experience the thrill brought by adventure. Lucky are those who feel calmness brought by serene beauty. Lucky are those who find and make friends so easily. And then there are us who are lucky enough to feel all this all at once. We call ourselves Musafirs.

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