September 2015 – Short ride to the White Sand

February 2015. I was introduced to the Musafir Clan. Since then… there has been no looking back!
It was the month of September, when the sky had started getting clearer and the rain became drizzle… And before the inevitable October heat happened to us, the Musafirs planned to hit the beach.

The registrations filled in quickly, as usual and soon it was the dawn of the weekend awaited. Now, for those who do not know us, here’s how it goes… At 5.30 in the morning, on any given weekend, we would be deep under the covers of our blanket, snoring pretty dreams. But I know for sure that each Musafir will back me up on this when I say that the night before the ride, somehow, adrenaline replaces sleep EVERY TIME.

Ride #61
Location: Kashid
Distance: 255 KMs
Month: Sept 2015
Route: Mumbai – Vadkhal – Kashid – Vadkhal – Mumbai
Experience Narrated By : Nikita Shetty

Fast-forward to the main briefing point at NMMC. Instructions were given out, for the tenured ones as well as our new members. The group pilots and shepherds were instructed to place more emphasis this time on team bonding, and to make the new members feel comfortable. Greetings were exchanged, jokes flew around, the chattering continued until Nicc had us in the ‘LOAD’ mode and then it was Get Set, Throttle!

You are already 150 Kms into the ride and picture this… It’s just the road ahead, going straight without a glitch, and then a curve happens, something shimmery catches your eye and when you see the whole picture, you forget to breathe out! Yes, that’s the beautiful coastline you see as you approach Kashid. We spent some nice time at such a site, clicking pictures, having fun, or just sitting down for a while and absorbing the serenity of it.

We reached the accommodation well in time and after a hearty home-cooked lunch by the people there, and a heavenly afternoon quick nap (of course!), we were all fueled to explore Kashid. We had the Murud Janjira fort on one side and a calm, random slice of the beach on another. Chicha, Jassu, Kattappa, Yakshit, Amol, Chakri… we all landed up on the beach. Cozy shacks, hot piping tea and those beach-life jute swings… The weekend had just begun! We, who had gone on the beach to relax (with our feet up on some chair preferably), ended up on horses, while others tried their hands on some Dune Buggies. Back at the accommodation, Nicc, Amlani, PD, and several others got together talking about the upcoming website… right up on the roof; because, you know, having discussions on the verandah gets too mainstream!

As the later hours of evening approached, we sat around in the customary circle of the evening session. Plastic cups were distributed, careful enough not to miss anyone out; yes, we are quite meticulous that way. Sahil and Yakshit were declared the hosts for the evening, and the introductions of the new members came through. And like it has always been, slowly, everyone became one family.

As the clock struck midnight, a cake appeared and so did Shona! We celebrated her birthday and most of people stayed up till wee hours of the morning. Those who had retired early to bed woke up just in time for Avinash’s fitness session. It was first of a kind arranged by the Musafirs and Avinash, without a doubt, being the go-to person for any fitness tips, was an apt choice to conduct this session.

Now, as riders, we are somewhat aware of the laziness we possess. If a motorcycle goes from Point A to Point B, we ain’t going anywhere but from Point A to Point B. Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but most of us sure could do well with some exercise. And boy, did Avinash get us to stretch those joints that day! It was amazing and heart-wrenching at the same time to see our fellow Musafirs straight out of the bed, trying to touch their toes like their life depended on it… But by the end of it, people knew about bones and places in their body that they never had felt before.

By noon, everyone was up. After a scrumptious lunch, with ourselves geared up and bags saddled on, we made our way back home, completing yet another chapter in the ‘Musafirs Diaries’.


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