October 2015 – Ride into history

The Musafirs ride to the caves of mysterious origins – Ajanta & Ellora begins on gazetted holiday on 2nd October (Gandhi Jayanti). Pune chapter started their journey from Pune, full with excitement and chilled winds to accompany us on roads on a mesmerizing journey.. “LOAD” the word that binds us to be ready to ride, from Musafir Suraj Sawant (Dumpy) which started the ride sharp at 4:00am. We headed towards Nashik covering distance 240km with two small halts for tea and for freshen up. Mesmerizing roads and nature that took up to reach Nashik and continued to headed up to Malegaon covering distance of more 100km to join The Musafirs – Mumbai chapter at breakfast point. Yummy parathas at breakfast gave us the much required rest to our bikes as well as bums..!!

Ride #62
Location: Aurangabad
Distance : 900 Kms
Month : October 2015
Route : Mumbai / Pune – Nashik – Malegaon – Ajanta – Aurangabad – Ellora – Nagar – Pune / Malshej – Kalyan – Mumbai
Experience Shared By : Uzair Inamdar

The journey towards our destination began with The Musafirs Mumbai and Pune Chapters riding together now, towards Ajanta which was another 160 km to our accommodation site. We reached the acco by late noon. After Resting, relaxing after having lunch, the Musafirs got into their rooms to rest and refresh themselves. In the evening, the group visited the mystical Ajanta Caves. After reaching location what we saw was magical, quite an art of the civilizations which existed there few centuries ago. Hiding in the beautiful hills, we witnessed ancient sculptures only to go back into historical times. We visited all the cave from 1st to 26th, we hired a local guide to help us to know the thinking and technology which was used in 2nd century BC, without using any machines by the people at that time. Seeing caves made just my using hammer and chisel at that time. Story of Buddha’s life mounted and displayed on walls of caves only using images and sculptures of BULLS were eye catching and unimaginable. Late evening, we returned to accommodation and got ready for session that entertain every one with lots of noise and jokes, new joiners getting to know Musafirs and vice- versa, lots of masti, knowledge sharing, building connections that lasts for long. We also had a experience sharing and a few life lessons that we still remember in our hearts and minds were shared by Satpathy Uncle, one of the oldest musafir to ride with us even today. By midnight, all were in their beds after dinner. Eyes closed for next morning to role again to Aurangabad.

2nd day of ride began on 3rd October morning at 8:00am to head towards Aurangabad riding 95km. We reached the
accommodation in Aurangabad by late noon after visiting the Ellora Caves and lunch on the way. In the evening, the Musafirs explored Auranagad must visits like the PanChakki, Bibi ka makbara etc. Again a mesmerizing experience to see history before us.

Visiting Bibi-Ka-Maqbara: a beautiful mausoleum of Rabia-ul-Daurani alias Dilras Banu Begum, the wife of the Mughal
Emperor Aurangazeb. This mausoleum is believed to be constructed by Prince Azam Shah in memory of his mother. Beautiful creativity, replica of Taj Mahal but built for different purpose. A magnificent white marble mausoleum that draws its inspiration from the world famous Taj Mahal of Agra.

Secondly: Seeing an indigenous watermill that displays the scientific thought process put in medieval Indian architecture. Amazing technology looking at blades rotating with pressure of water which comes from hills tops and intensive pressure making it to rotate which is used to grind grains.
By late evening, we were all set for the session.

3rd day of ride began on 4th October early morning and the Musafirs were all set to ride back home. At 8:00 am after having breakfast, again word ‘LOAD’ roll into our ears, all were set on their bikes. This time on every ride gives us a feeling of sadness, realizing its time to get back into our normal lifes. But, as its said, what goes around, comes around.. we only disperse to come together some other time.. some other weekend. We left behind the beautiful city of Aurangabad taking back memories to be cherished for a life time. It was duly an amazing ride with Mumbai & Pune chapters and I enjoyed every bit of it in the company of this family called ‘THE MUSAFIRS.’ This ride, also my 4th consecutive ride earned me the Musafirs official Tshirt.. Hell yeah.. I got patched.

I am really thankful to Musafirs for all things and special thanks to King of selfie -AMOL, Master of Expressions – DUMPY, Lord of Entertainment- CHICHA, the Organizing team from both the chapters , and all those who rode with us to leave me with memories I shall cherish all my life.

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