Mid Day: The Musafirs Crew on Off Beat Riding Locations

This article featured on November 19, 2015 in Mid Day. It had Shona discussing about good off beat locations around mumbai to ride to during the winters.

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Two bikers reveal quite havens near Mumbai you should escape to

By Dhara Vora |Posted 19-Nov-2015
Distance: The trip to Hadshi is about 130 km.

How to reach: Take the old Mumbai Pune highway, exit at Lonavala, from Lonavala take the internal road to Paud via Pawana dam.

Why Hadshi? Hadshi is a small village on the Lonavala Paud Road and is relatively devoid of commercialisation. We ride to run away from the city and this place offers calm and tranquility. The weather is perfect for camping right now. For bikers, the route offers beautiful curves and a small patch of off-roading. The road is not used by passenger vehicles and hence is relatively empty. It passes through small villages and farms, and offers a rustic view.

Pit stop: A major pit stop is Lonavala. One can also stop at Pawana dam and partake in watersports. It’s huge man-made lake where you can try paddle or speed boating. Forts such as Lohagad and Tikona fall on the way.

What to do: There are not many commercial stay options on this route but villagers lease there land to pitch tents. Camp out, go star watching or barbeque with your friends.

Budget: Approximately Rs 2,200

— Sharmishta Chakravorty, along with Nishan Chandran runs The Musafirs (Mumbai Musafirs and Pune Musafirs), a platform for motorcycling enthusiasts to meet, bond and ride together. The group is open for paid biking trips for owners of any bike. You can reach them at www.facebook.com/mumbaimusafirsbiking


Distance: 160 km

How to reach: Take the Wada Road from Thane, take a cut on the right side of Jawhar Dahanu Road.

Why Jawhar? Jawhar is known as the Mahabaleshwar of Thane, and is famous for Warli art. The temperatures can drop quite a bit, enough to make you feel far away from Mumbai.

Pit stop: There are various small hotels where one can stop over for a quick bite on the way.

What to do: Dabhosa waterfall is active during rains only. It’s a 300 feet fall and is located at about 20 km from Jawhar on the Jawhar– Talasari-Silvasa Road. You could visit Jaivilas Palace built by Raje Yashwant Rao Maukne. The Hanuman Point (Sunrise Point) is a beautiful spot from where one can see the sunrise; it is surrounded by a beautiful valley, hills and the palace. There is also Sunset Point, nearly 0.5 km away, west from the heart of the city. The shape of the valley is like bow (Dhanush), and was known as Dhanukamal.

Budget: Approximately Rs 2,500

— Sharmishta Chakravorty of The Musafirs

Dos and Don’ts

>> Wear protective gear. Knee protectors and riding boots are necessary. Carry a bottle of water, these trips are long. Many truck drivers switch lanes without notifying. Slow down and honk at such points.
>> Don’t speed as animals use the road too. Keep an eye for dividers.
>> Be it any ride — enjoy the ride responsibly.
>> Maintain a ‘no-litter’ policy, leave only memories behind not litter.
>> Don’t buy a helmet just to avoid cops.
>> Carry cash as these places may not have ATMs.
>> Do not drink and ride.

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