December 2015 – Road, Dam, Mountains

Just to revive my passion for riding, I was scouting for biking groups in pune., then came my friend Vikram who had joined a professionally managed riding group and introduced me to “The Musafirs”

Little did I know how group rides happens, only one thing I was aware about was the programme will be announced in FB.

Ride #65
Location : Koynanagar
Distance : 627 Kms
Month : December
Route : Thane – NMMC – Kharpada – Vadkhal – Chiplun – Koynanagar – Pune – Thane
Experience Shared by : Satya

My first ride

Registered myself for Koyananagar ride and as usual the blunder that I do I thought it to be a 300kms full ride, (in back of my mind I thought I have done 100+ kms earlier also, I need not to push myself hard and comfortably I can do) , Damn I was hit hard on my face when I came to know its 300kms one way… how foolish can I be. But now theres no looking back.

2 days prior to the ride where all the action began Whatsapp group created, venue and assembly timing announced, group announced, formation chart shared. I was like ‘saala itna sab yaad rakhna hai ek ride ke liye…”

Ride Day

Hurriedly, reached at the assembly point in Pune, well there was a grin faced guy who was our ‘shepherd’ waiting for us. Other riders joined and the lead did a 5 mins briefing…he said all signals will happen through horn, hands and legs… wow this is a new communication medium… it was interesting to learn.. Never knew you can communicate so easily with a group of riders about road hazards, riding conditions, on coming traffic, etc.

Started my RE and riding in the same formation as told to me, it was old road but with new rules. It was fun to start and as we reached Pali we met another group of Musafirs from Mumbai about 40 odd bikers riding in a single line formation was a sight to enjoy. Now I undestood knew what group riding with discipline meant. At the breakfast met the superhero Nishan aka Nicc.. cool guy, now I said to myself i am in safe hands. After a sumptuous breakfast we started our journey again, before that 2 mins briefing on cornering in ghats, it was incredible gyaan a must for all riders. Basics cornering lessons so that we can not only ride but also enjoy the ride. In about 17kms we hit the ghats , roads were nice for cornering and all experienced riders were on their steering to test their skills…. It was fun 22kms… remembering me of my native. At about every 4-5 kms there will be a KTM 390 passing vroom, the rider is not riding for testing his skill but to monitor the skills of his co-riders and safety of them… Its Nicc.

Safety is prime motto while following your passion for riding is the mantra of #TheMusafirs

After one break in between and once at the destination, everyone were at ease. The location was splendid and the view to Koyana Dam was amazing from the resort. All sides were only mountains seen. In the evening till late night it was sharing riding experiences from new and experienced riders with campfire and gala time… A Perfect way to know everyone old and new people bonding over booze , food and most importantly those smiles.

In the return journey, it was even more special as we did couple of times 2 line formations it was jaw-dropping scene when you see all 40 odd bikers moving from one line to 2 line formation in a less than 5-10secs…

This group is a no nonsense group, no wrong doing, gives equal respect, not a specific bikes only group, the best thing is the crew is amongst you and not just as organizers

It was indeed a great start for me to follow my interest along with likeminded friends!!! I went with only one known face in the group, while retuning I have 50 friends… Now eagerly waiting for my next ride!!!

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