CREW – The Founders

They are the founder members of the Musafirs cult. The people with a vision.

a.k.a. Nishan
KTM Duke 390 / RE TBTS 350
Your only conversation with him might be 'Ok'... But he is watching you... And you better behave, for if he sees you creating nuisance to his clan, he will personally walk you out of this planet if he has to... The safety of his Musafirs is his ultimate agenda... On the other hand, once you have his trust, you have a lifetime subscription of someone watching your back... His mysteriously apt judgment of people and places has only developed deeper from organizing and leading our bike rides for over 5 years now... And his keen desire to learn only pushes him further... He will ask you for your opinion, intently listen to it and do what he wants any way... And just when you're about to feel why did he even ask, you will see it! His point! He wasn't not listening, he has incorporated your opinion in his scheme of things as he saw fit... Things have a habit of falling in place when he is around, specially coz he doesn't give them an option... He might be going through a storm inside, but you will see him in a calm demeanour, chai in a hand, staring at a distant nowhere... And with the last sip, he is sure to have thought about a master plan to fight his storm... Two hours later, he would have ported his ship at his destination, with a plan ready for his next voyage... This passion and commitment to the clan has brought Musafirs to the level that it is currently at and has bound us together stronger than blood... The ride has just begun! LOAD!!!
a.k.a. Sharmishta Chakravorty
RE Standard 500
An engineer by profession and a rider by passion, Shona, as she's fondly known within the Musafirs' family, is quite possibly the life of every party! Her enthusiasm for riding is infectious, inspiring those around her to get on their bikes and zoom past everything. Having done the Ladakh and Spiti-Lahoul circuits, amongst numerous others, it is almost a 'Ain't no mountain high, Ain't no valley low, Ain't no river wide enough, baby' scenario for her and her bike! Yet, she believes her journey is just getting started... and she won't rest until most locations on her bucket-list have the "Shona was here" stamp! She’s always been an avid traveller, but it’s only in the past few years that she’s discovered her vehicle of choice! The joy of discovery, the sense of wonder... riding gives her what mundane everyday life doesn't. And when she’s riding, you can catch that hint of a contented smile from under the helmet. If and when you know her personally, you'll end up wondering how someone can remain calm in such dire circumstances as she has come across in her riding archives. Jugaads is her way of life and she won't disappoint you if she has given you her word that she'll take you for a grand swim in the Atacama desert. "For the love of riding, the love of life, go forth... explore, there is so much beauty waiting to be discovered, waiting to delight you...", she’s most likely to say. And quite rightly so, for freedom has different forms; hers has two wheels and a semi-loud firing!