LEGENDS – The Pillars

The people who have stood steadfast with. They have completed more than 25,000 KMs with us.

a.k.a.Suraj Sawant
Machine: Karizma
37376 KMs - 48 Rides
First Ride: Mandu January 2013

One of the youngest Musafirs riding with us. One of those few versatile riders who can be assigned any responsibility during the rides. He personally likes to see the best moments on ride, tailing in the shepherd team. He is also the one coordinating the Musafirs - Pune Chapter. Known for his uncanny skills with the bike, he is also quite dependable.
a.k.a.Neeta Phadke
Machine: Tbts 350
31221 KMs - 46 Rides
First Ride: Jahwar August 2011

Her rides began on the pillion seat of the same bike that she has mastered control over today. With her kind of devotion to riding, tears shed, fears overcome, the fish has proudly learned to soar high in air. Haven't spotted her yet? Look behind the musafir stage, you'll see a girl in a riding jacket making breakfast packets and chatting about bent rims.
Machine: Tbts 350
29994 KMs - 41 Rides
First Ride: Saputara January 2013

A no-nonsense chap with a measured approach, Sajju has been one of the supporting pillars for the Musafirs. An IT professional on his ‘Working’ days, on the rides has been reinforcing the formation tail as the Master Shepherd and ensured that no man get left behind! But that’s not all – he quickly adapts his riding style based on the position he is riding in.
a.k.a. Brijesh Kirtonia
Machine: Suzuki GS150R
29852 KMs - 39 Rides
First Ride: Mulshi August 2012

Birju, is the gentle giant of the Musafirs family who would probably swat you like a fly if he wanted to. Insanely fascinated by lights, his bike has enough lights to illuminate a small town! Having developed a fondness to ride in the the Shepherd team, he’ll patiently wait for you if your bike breaks down, and even more patiently try and mend it... Whether it is a broken brake pedal or a flat tyre that needs a quick fix, he will get it done with his masters in ‘jugaad’ sciences - looking for a solution, find him.
a.k.a. Anand Agarkar
Machine: Tbts 350
24568 KMs - 38 Rides
First Ride: Saputara March 2011

Joining us on a Discover 135 on his first ride, the power and comforts of a Thunderbird 350 soon lured him in and it has been his faithful companion till date. Riding gives him tranquility and he loves the little escapades from the mundane. His selflessness in fulfilling his commitments makes him fit seamlessly in the crew's shoes in their absence. If people had taglines, his would be "Main hoon, tu tension mat le!"
a.k.a. Anil Khiani
Machine: Keeps Changing
26646 KMs - 36 Rides
First Ride: Ganpatipule March 2014

Chicha, as he is fondly known, is the life of the group, to say the least. He is guaranteed to have you laughing even when he’s busy ‘taking your case’. When he tells you to go to hell you look forward to the trip. The founder of the famed Chicalex where you can steal epic deals for dirt cheap. He’s a crazy impulsive shopper, and he’ll offer you navi ki navi products for half the price the very next day because ‘Mazza nahi aaya’! If he likes you, you just won yourself a friend who will help and support you unconditionally. His motto – ‘Mazza aana chaiye!’